What is Provided/Included?


Do you provide hair dryers? 
Yes, each bathroom has a hair dryer. They are located under the bathroom sinks.

Do we need to bring linens? 
No, all linens and towels are provided.

Do you provide beach towels?
The beach towels are provided for your use at the pool. Unfortunately we do not have time between guests to wash all of the bath towels and the sheets. Please make sure that the beach towels are washed and put away before your departure. If the beach towels are not washed and put away, there will be a $75 charge.

What else do you provide? Each week the house is supplied with one roll of paper towels, a small soap at each sink, two rolls of toilet paper per toilet, dish detergent, garbage bags, dishwasher detergent and a small amount of laundry soap.  You will likely need to replenish these items.

What kinds of coffee maker do you have? 
The house has both a traditional coffee maker and a Keurig.

Does the house have wifi? 
Yes, we have highspeed wifi. The password is posted in the kitchen.

Does the house have a printer? 

Do you have a stroller? 
Yes, we provide one full size stroller with a small basket. We replace them frequently so the exact brand and model varies.  They are typically the ones that cost about $75. There are local companies that rent strollers and other equipment if you want to arrange that privately.

Do you have a crib?
Yes, we have one full size crib located in the downstairs master bedroom that can not be moved. We also provide two pack and plays that can be assembled anywhere. There are sheets for the pack and plays and crib.

What other baby/young child equipment do you provide?
The house has one baby monitor, gates at the top and bottom of the stairs, two plastic booster seats for the kitchen table and one high chair.

How much seating do you have for meals? 
We have outdoor seating for 14 at tables and an additional 4 on lounge chairs. We have indoor seating for 6 at the kitchen nook table and 3 bar stools at the kitchen counter.

Do you have a grill? 
Yes, the house has a gas BBQ grill. Gas is included in the rental price.  If you run out of gas please call the manager and she can bring you a new tank. Before you call for a new tank of gas, make sure the tank is open/on by turning the nozzle on the tank all the way to the left.

Do you have phone service?
Included in your rental rate is unlimited U.S. long distance service. Feel free to make use of this service. Please do not make international calls, information calls, 900 calls or other toll calls. Any charged calls other than basic U.S. long distance will be taken out of your security deposit.

What is the cleaning situation?
The villa is professionally cleaned and inspected before and after each rental to ensure that all guests have a comfortable stay. Lawn and Pool care are provided on a weekly basis. Pest control is provided on a monthly basis. Please alert Debbie Finn (513-404-8982) or Ann Jean (407-353-4282) if there are any issues upon your arrival.

Is daily cleaning available? 
Yes, daily cleaning service can be arranged for an additional fee.  Quotes can be provided upon request.


Questions about Logistics


Is the check in/out time flexible? 
Check in time is after 4pm. Check out time is by 10am. We can not accommodate early arrivals or late departures. It takes the cleaners the full amount of time between guests to clean the home. If you have time to kill, I recommend Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney), Universal City Walk, Celebration, FL or the Disney/Universal mini golf courses as fun options. 

How do I get into the house? 
The house is equipped with an automatic lock on the front door. The code changes with each guest. The codes are programmed wirelessly and do not work until shortly before check in time. The codes deactivate about 30 mins after check out.  If you leave something behind please contact the manager or owner as you won’t be able to get back in without assistance.

Do we need to rent a car? 
We recommend renting a car. There is a not a shuttle or bus in the neighborhood. Uber and taxis are available.

What is the parking situation? 
We have parking for 4-5 cars in the driveway. On the street parking is not allowed. RVs are also not allowed.

What if I lock myself out of a bedroom or bathroom? 
There is a small key located on a little nail on the outside of the door jam/trim near the pool master bedroom. This key can open the interior doors.

Where should we shop for groceries?
There are numerous grocery stores close by including a Wal Mart, a Target Superstore, several Publix and several Winn Dixie stores.  The Wal Mart at 550 U.S. 27, Clermont, FL offers online grocery shopping where you order online and drive up to pick up your groceries.  The highest end/fanciest grocery store nearby is the Publix at 29 Blake Blvd Celebration, FL



Pool Related Questions


How big is the pool?
The pool is 34 ft long x 16 wide.

What direction does the pool face?
The pool faces Northwest.

Is the pool heated? 
Yes, the pool is heated to 86 degrees for 10 hours per day.  The spa is heated to 100 degrees and is activated by a switch.  The Splashpad is not heated so may not be desirable in the winter months.

Do you provide pool toys and/or life jackets? 
No.  We do not provide these items but they are readily available at nearby stores.  It is important to remove floating pool toys from the pool when not in use as they block the water returning to the pool pump and can burn out the motor.

Do you have a child safe pool fence or alarm? 
The house has a door alarm system for child safety.  We do not have a pool fence.   There are child pool alarms on all doors leading to the pool.   Please do not tamper with or disable the pool alarms as they are a critical safety tool and are required by law.  To open the doors to the pool, first press the doorbell like button located about 4-5 feet high on the wall near the door.  Once activated you may exit or enter the house.  You must immediately close the door behind you or the alarm will sound.  If you set off the alarm, you can turn it off by shutting the open door and pressing the doorbell alarm button.

How do I turn on the spa?
The spa is turned on by a timer switch which is located on the outside patio wall by the pool screen door closest to Sea Pearl Circle (the door to the far right if you are looking at the house). Open the box closest to the door and turn the timer knob.   When you turn the spa on, the switch turns off the heat to the pool and directs the heat only to the hot tub. It takes the spa about 30 minutes to heat up.  The spa heats to 101 degrees. 

How do I turn on the SplashPad?
The Splashpad is turned on by a timer switch which is located on the outside patio wall by the pool screen door closest to the driveway (near the dining tables).  The Splashpad water recirculates and is sanitized regularly with chlorine and UV light.  If you turn the Splashpad timer and the Splashpad does not work, please call Ann Jean at 407-353-4282 between the hours of 8am and 9pm.  The Splashpad occasionally loses prime causing it not to work, this is not something you can fix yourself.

How do I turn on the pool lights?
The pool lights are turned on by a button (number 3) on the control box located on the outside patio wall by the pool screen door (the door to the far right if you are looking at the house).  The box for the pool lights is the one to the left of the spa timer.  Please turn off the lights when you are done using them.

Should we lock the pool screen doors?
Please do not lock these doors as the pool cleaner uses them to access the pool twice a week.